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‘LEGO Star Wars Summer Vacation’ star Yvette Nicole Brown reveals her dream role


Yvette Nicole Brown has been a part of Star Wars, The Muppets, The Avengers, and so many great franchises in her career, but there’s one thing that would really make her life complete.

“I still haven’t done Sesame Street,” she tells ABC Audio. “In my mind, I always thought to myself, if I ever get asked to do Sesame Street, it would mean I had finally really made a mark in this industry…Like I became the person in this industry that I hope to be….So I’m just praying one day it comes.”

Brown’s latest project is the Disney+ special LEGO Star Wars Summer Vacation, which features characters from the recent film franchise including Finn and Rey. The Community alum voices General Leia and Lt. Valeria, and she sets up the premise of the special for us:

“Well, it takes place right after Rise of Skywalker and Finn and all his friends who’ve been through a lot, [so] he says, ‘let’s take a vacation."” she explains. “And so they leave to go on the vacation and get separated. And then Finn has this vision of three Force ghosts. There’s Leia and Anakin and Obi-Wan. And they tell him about vacations they’ve been on that didn’t go quite as planned.”

Brown has described herself as a “nerd,” and not just for sci-fi and fantasy.

“Being a nerd just means you just love something so much. And I’m a nerd about puzzles. I’m a nerd about knitting, I’m a nerd about naps,” she insists.

“You can be a nerd about a thousand things,” adds the 50-year-old actress. “I’m a nerd about my dog Harley, you know?” 

LEGO Star Wars Summer Vacation hits Disney+ on Friday.

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