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Kristen Bell reveals how important therapy was for her marriage during lockdown


(NOTE LANGUAGE) Kristen Bell has never been shy about discussing her mental health. In a new interview, she reveals just how important it was for her and husband Dax Shepard to go to therapy at the height of the pandemic.

Appearing on The Ellen Degeneres Show, Bell admitted she and her husband of seven years were “at each other’s throats” at the start of lockdown, which prompted their therapist, Harry, to suggest they attend their sessions separately.

The Frozen star said being able to have one-on-one sessions with the therapist allowed them to “talk s*** about each other” and work through their “annoyances.”  

“It’s been great,” said Bell, 40. “Currently, what we’ve been doing for the past couple of months, every two weeks or so, I’ll go see Harry on Zoom and complain about Dax and then he’ll give me all the reasons why I’m wrong.  And then Dax will do the same and… by the time we meet up in the evening, we love each other again.”

Bell stressed the importance of going to therapy and told guest host Chelsea Handler, “When you have a third party moderating any disagreement, it’s always a safer place,” adding, “Because when two people are talking, defense mechanisms and cortisol — all that stuff — it just messes up the solution.”

The actress, who shares eight-year-old Lincoln and six-year-old Delta with Shepard, previously spoke out about how the pandemic challenged her marriage. In January, she first revealed that they sought counseling to help strengthen their relationship.

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