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Kevin Hart and Woody Harrelson team up for the Netflix action comedy, ‘The Man from Toronto’


The new Neflix action comedy The Man from Toronto, starring Woody Harrelson and Kevin Hart, debuts on Friday.

It’s one of more than 20 projects Hart has in the works as an actor or producer, which has him up before the sun rises every morning.

“I’m a busy man, but I wouldn’t have it any other way,” he notes. “I love it. I find joy in it. I find happy in it. And, you know, while I got the energy and while I’m able, I will and I can.”

It’s also motivated Hart to stay in top physical shape, something Harrelson admits has inspired him as well.

“One of my first conversations was to ask him about how the hell he’s so damn fit. And, you know, I really thought, I wish I had taken his advice because, you know, I’d be in a tight tee shirt right now,” shares Woody, adding, “he did teach me a lot about what I could do if I decided to take up that, you know, that hard work.”

The two actors both know a little something about being a part of successful on-screen duos; something Harrelson says is all about the love.

“You gotta love the people you’re working with. It’s got to congeal into a family,” he explains. “And I will say that definitely happened with Kevin…I loved him before I met him. And after I met him, I loved him more. So I was very happy to see that come across on screen.”

The feeling was mutual for Hart, who says that from their first conversation, to the first meeting, to the first day on set, the two “hit the ground running” and “never looked back.” 

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