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Kel Mitchell teases ‘Good Burger’ sequel: “We’re open 24 hours”


25 years later, a Good Burger sequel may finally be on the way. 

While promoting his book Prank Day, Kel Mitchell, who starred in the ’90s Nickelodeon film alongside Kenan Thompson, teased the idea of a potential sequel of the iconic ’90s Nickelodeon film.

“Oh, what can I tell you? Let’s just say deliveries are still going out for Good Burger,” the Emmy-nominated actor tells ABC Audio. “You know, we’re open 24 hours. I’ll just say that. Okay. Every day. Good burger is still open.”

The comments come about a month after Kenan Thompson, who also starred in the film, told Jimmy Fallon he would like to do a sequel to the movie.

“We are working harder on it than ever, so it’s about meeting the numbers, letting them numbers match up. ‘Cause I need them numbers,” the Saturday Night Live star said. 

While the logistics for Good Burger sequel are being worked out, Kel is keeping busy with many endeavors including his latest book, Prank Day, a comedy-fantasy illustrated novel for kids and tweens.

“Prank Day is about a kid named Chase, that on April 1st, he does a bunch of pranks, but then on April 2nd, all the pranks come true,” he explains. “So he has to figure out why there are flying spiders flying through the sky, why there are refrigerators running through his neighborhood, and clowns coming out of the toilet. He has to figure it out. So, yeah, it’s just an awesome, awesome fun book.”

So, what’s the craziest prank Kel’s ever pulled? He used Krazy Glue to glue a friend to their chair. 

“When the bell rang he… couldn’t get up,” he laughs, before warning, “I got in trouble for that one. So, don’t do that.”

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