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Keke Palmer stars in ‘Don’t Run Out’, Uber Eats’ spooky Halloween candy giveaway


While Keke Palmer recently appeared in Jordan Peele‘s hit scary movie Nope, she’s now scaring up some laughs — and a million bucks’ worth of free candy — in Uber Eats’ new Halloween promotion.

The clever promo comes in the form of a spooky short movie, directed by Prey’s Dan Trachtenberg. Keke plays a young woman searching for some sweet stuff for trick-or-treaters, no thanks to her lazy roommates who didn’t buy any. Oh, she’s also hoping to keep at bay the dreaded Candy Snatchers, who reportedly abduct whomever cheaps out come Halloween night.

The hook is, within the movie, Uber Eats has hidden promotional codes for up to $1 million worth of candy before the promotion expires on October 31 — up to a reported $830 per person.

And in true “trick-or-treat” fashion, not all the hidden words sprinkled in the background of the short film are valid promo codes. Viewers will have to enter them into their Uber Eats app to check.

The film ends with Keke being taken by the Candy Snatchers — only to be saved at the last minute by the candy she rush ordered via the app.

But like all classic horror movies, there’s a twist: While Keke’s character is relieved to find the baddies are just kids looking for sweets, one pulls his face off to reveal a hideous, toothy creature who pukes an endless gout of candy corn in her face. “Oh, it’s the worst candy!” she laments.

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