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Katie Holmes reveals the influences behind her new film ‘Alone Together’


The pandemic era love story Alone Together has officially hit theaters.

Written, directed by, and staring Katie Holmes, it follows June, a food critic who leaves New York City to quarantine during the pandemic, and she finds love in an unexpected place.

It’s Holmes’ first feature film wearing all three hats and shared some of her influences for the project, telling ABC Audio, “Well, I love this the style of filmmaking of John Cassavetes, of like Woman Under the Influence and Shadows – some of those scenes were just all improve.”

“And then like just the idea of that, you know, finding, not being afraid to improv something, finding moments,” she adds. “And then specifically is like Manhattan, Annie Hall, When Harry Met Sally, things like, you know, a lot of Diane Keaton.” 

Holmes also shared that one of her goals in making Alone Together was to “create a time capsule story.”

“You know, like for all of us, to remember those little things that we were all doing to cope with what was happening in the world,” the actress explained. 

“I also wanted to create a love story with hope and the idea of this disaster as our backdrop, but a disaster that we all experienced and where, you know, two people kind of or do make the best of it and really do have something beautiful come out of it.”

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