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Kate Walsh reveals Mother’s Day plans after admitting she forgot holiday was this Sunday


Kate Walsh is currently hard at work helping to restore coral reefs across the globe, which may be why the actress had a double-take when ABC Audio reminded her that Mother’s Day is this weekend.

“I forgot,” Kate confessed, who is currently living in Australia. “Is it this weekend… Sunday? I was like, ‘Oh. I’ve got to take care of mom.  Gotta send her some flowers."”

The Grey’s Anatomy alum, who has partnered with Sheba brand to work on the world’s largest coral restoration project, says she won’t be back home in the states until “after Father’s Day.”

And, because she is in the land Down Under, her plans for this weekend sound pretty awesome.

“I’ll probably go to the beach, probably have a swim in the ocean. I do have to mention that there’s a coral reef right in front of my house. Basically it’s very healthy,” grinned Kate. “I’ll probably put on a little shorty wet suit and go do that.”

In addition to some snorkeling by the reef nearby her home, the Umbrella Academy star held up her orange cat, Pablo, and smiled, “I will be probably spending time with this guy [too.] I mean… He’s so cute.” 

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