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Julianne Moore says ‘Lisey’s Story’ offers an “interesting” spin on the horror genre


Fans of Stephen King finally have their new fix: Lisey’s Story.  The psychological horror series, starring Julianne Moore, premieres today on Apple TV+.

Moore’s character is dealing with the murder of her husband and the strange circumstances surrounding his life and death.  She explained to ABC Audio that bringing Lisey’s Story to the small screen was no easy task, especially with a pandemic that threw a wrench in everyone’s plans.

“We were three weeks away from finishing when the lockdown happened in New York… Boom, we were shut down,” said Moore. 

Production finally resumed in September and, said Moore, “We were one of the first to come back to finish,” adding that it was a “really, really wonderful reunion.” 

Now with Lisey’s Story finally available to stream, Moore is excited to share with fans what attracted her to the “interesting” thriller in the first place.

“This isn’t… something that’s straight up horror and supernatural,” said Moore. “It’s also drama. It’s a love story and a relationship story. There’s a great deal of suspense and mystery in it.”  She adds that the series is also spread out across “four different timelines.”

Offerings like Lisey’s Story is why Moore is a fan of the horror genre. 

“I think that we’re all so drawn to it is… it’s a way of making our emotions manifest,” the actress said. “The creator is literally taking this scary feeling that we have, this anxiety or this desire or whatever, and literally turning it into a monster or another world.”

Moore concluded that, “I like the fact that we are able to… examine our feelings and understand how powerful they are.”  


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