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Joseph Sikora stars in ‘Power Book IV: Force’ trailer; the late Michael K. Williams stars in ‘Black Market’ second season; and more


Joseph Sikora, who was featured as Tommy Egan in Power, stars in the new trailer for Power Book IV: Force, which dropped Monday. In the clip, Egan, called “the crazy white boy,” has moved from New York City to Chicago and is making moves to take over the Windy City. When he’s told, “You’re not afraid of hell,” Tommy replies, “Sometimes I think I’m already there.” Power Book IV: Force premieres Sunday, February 6, at 9 p.m. ET on Starz.

In other news, EW.com previews the late Michael K. Williams starring in the second season of the Black Market TV series. Season two 2 of the show was still in production of when Williams died September 6 from a drug overdose. He was 54. Tracy Morgan, Rosie Perez and Felicia Pearson from The Wire will provide voice-overs for the last three episodes that Williams was unable to finish.

In the clip from the premiere episode, “Scam Likely,” the five-time Emmy nominee meets a crew of young hustlers running an unemployment fraud scam. The six-episode second season of Black Market premieres tonight, January 10, at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Vice TV.

Finally, Idris Elba is leading a campaign to stop knife violence in London. The Golden Globe winner is involved in the initiative promoted by London’s Arsenal Football Club and Adidas. Elba appeared at Sunday’s Emirates FA Cup in London matching Arsenal against Nottingham Forrest.

“It’s absolutely in response to the knife crime crisis that we’ve got going on,” Elba said in an interview at the match. “Last year, 30 kids — I’m gonna say ‘kids’ — died senselessly over knife crime. And the year before that, and the year before that…It’s an ongoing problem. [Sportscaster] Ian [Wright] and I teamed up with Arsenal and Adidas to make a point and say something about it.”


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