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Jonathan Kite says “Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!” will take big swings and bring bigger laughs


Comedian Jonathan Kite cannot wait for the world to meet the cast of Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!, which premieres on Netflix this Friday.

Kite tells ABC Audio that the sitcom, which was created by and stars Jamie Foxx, is unlike any that he’s seen before because it not only is based off Foxx’s real life experiences trying to connect with his then-teenaged daughter, it also isn’t afraid to tackle the real-life discussions happening at dinner tables across America in 2021.

Kite plays Johnny Williams, who he describes as “the neighbor who comes over to borrow a cup of sugar and winds up leaving with a cake.”

“He’s Jamie Foxx’s character (Brian’s) best friend. We grew up together. We played high school football together,” the 41-year-old explains, noting that his character is also a police officer — which leads to some serious present day conversations.

“We talk about social issues that have to do with the police and…we talk about in a way that that families are really talking about it,” says Kite. “I’m really proud to be on a show that is doing that and is really out there taking big swings, oof, real big swings, because I think it’s worth it.”

The 2 Broke Girls alum also says the show will present these discussions with a sense of humor, as well, which he thinks will resonate with the broader audience.

“If you’re laughing about something, you can understand a point of view that maybe you hadn’t thought of before,” noted Kite.

He also says this show is 100 percent safe for families to watch — no steamy sex scenes like Bridgerton, he laughs — adding, “It’s a generational show” and that he’s even “excited for my parents to watch this.” 

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