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Jennifer Lopez hadn’t planned to get married in between starring in marriage-themed movies


The irony of starring in two back-to-back wedding-themed movies isn’t lost on Jennifer Lopez, especially since she just tied the knot with actor Ben Affleck.

JLo starred in the romantic comedy Marry Me last year and will soon play a different bride in the action rom-com Shotgun Wedding.

“I didn’t plan any of it this way,” she told Entertainment Tonight. “I mean, Marry Me … we wound up filming it, like, right before the pandemic happened and then they held onto that for a year and a half … and Shotgun Wedding, that was the first one I did when people started filming again.”

Jennifer reflected on the differences between the two films. While Marry Me also highlighted her musical talents through various original songs, Shotgun had her choreographing fight scenes.

“I had to get my inner Lucille Ball on for this, you know what I mean?” she said of her latest movie. “It’s more hijinks, more kind of raw — the action added a whole other element to it.” 

She also praised co-star Josh Duhamel for being “the most amazing leading man who could do the comedy, do the action, and really nail the emotional stuff.”

But what about her real-life leading man, Ben Affleck? Duhamel took over for the singer and declared, “He is dreamy.”

Shotgun Wedding hits the Amazon Prime streaming service on January 27.

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