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Jenna Ortega on sharing a style with Wednesday Addams, shutting out the haters


In a chat with WSJ. Magazine’s digital issue available Friday, June 30, Wednesday and Scream VI star Jenna Ortega lets fans in on her style secrets and how she’s learned to not be influenced by social media.

When it comes to her own style, don’t expect to see much of it when she’s due on set, says Jenna, who admits she “awful” at putting a daily look together.

“[When I’m] going to work … I wear my personal clothes for five seconds. So it’s just sweats, and I get cold really easily too, so I always go for a cardigan. I have these red thrifted boots from the ’70s that I’m obsessed with. So any time that I can find a way to get those in, I will.”

That said, Jenna’s favorite looks pair pretty well with her titular character, Wednesday Addams. “The problem is that since doing that show, if I do wear something black, it seems like I’m leaning into character, but it’s my genuine style,” the 20-year-old says.

“I genuinely resonate with Wednesday and the color black. It’s easy, and I feel the most like myself when I’m wearing all black, which is also why doing that job is really exciting.”

When asked for the advice she lives by, Jenna comments, “Whatever it is that other people are saying or doing should not be a concern to you.”

“It’s really easy nowadays with online to be influenced by everything else and everyone else,” she continues. “I try to only listen to people who are genuinely in my life and care for me and are supportive of me.”

Jenna adds, “It’s really important just to remember that all that stuff isn’t real as soon as you turn your phone off. Follow your own voice and decisions.”

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