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James Cameron says new ‘Avatar’ sequels ‘look through the lens of an alternate world’


As excited as you are to see the new Avatar stuff James Cameron is working on, he’s just as excited to show you. He tells ABC Audio he’s anxious to reveal the material, though we probably won’t see any footage until next year. However, he did share a little info about the focus of the sequels.

“I think the films have something to say and they have something to say about the ocean communities, as well,” the Canadian film director said. 

“I mean Sigourney [Weaver] and I are sworn to secrecy on a blood oath here, but we can say that will we’ll look through the lens of an alternate world at our own world and hopefully remind people of how majestic and beautiful our own world is, especially the oceans,” he added. 

While Cameron remained tight-lipped about the details of the sequels, he did share that a trailer would likely be available sometime next summer.

“I mean, you can imagine that sort of six months-ish before the film, the film is released maybe even a little earlier in ’22,” he guessed, adding that the film is due out in December 2022.  

“I would say maybe first or second quarter of 22, something like that we will show you some stuff,” he promised. “I’m anxious to reveal what we’re doing, but you know, I want to, I want to lead with the best material and tease people into the theaters.” 

James Cameron’s NatGeo docu-series Secrets of the Whales premieres April 22 on Disney+.

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