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“It’s about that time”: Will Smith announces he and Martin Lawrence are back for ‘Bad Boys 4’


In a video posted to Instagram Tuesday, Will Smith made it official: Bad Boys 4 is on.

The Oscar winner recorded himself jumping into the car, teasing followers, “Yo, I got an announcement.” He added “a hint,” blasting “Shake Ya Tailfeather,” the track that became the theme to the buddy cop series.

“I wish I was you, not knowing what I’m about to show me,” Will said before pulling up to a house and knocking on the door.

Martin Lawrence answers the door, asking, “It’s about that time?”

“It’s official, baby!” Will shouts, hugging Martin. “Bad Boys 4 Life, baby!”

However, Martin explained the third movie was already called Bad Boys for Life, which led to some back and forth about what the fourth movie should actually be called.

“We shouldn’t have called it that, though,” Will says of the blockbuster third movie. “But this is Bad Boys 4, it’s official.”

Bad Boys for Life debuted in January 2020 and became the highest grossing movie of that year, which saw the movie industry crippled by the pandemic. It went on to make $424.6 million worldwide, against a moderate budget of $90 million — the highest grossing installment of the franchise.

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