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Is ‘Squid Game’ getting a season two AND three?


Not only will we likely be getting a season two of Squid Game, we might be getting a season three as well.

The Korea Times reports that the creator of the mega-popular South Korean series, Hwang Dong-hyuk, is in talks with Netflix about bringing the show back for two more seasons.

Back in November, Hwang confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that he’s already been plotting out season two.

“I do have a basic storyline for season two — it’s all in my head — and I am currently in the brainstorming stage,” he said. “It will happen, someday, but as for when I cannot tell you the details.”

A Netflix spokesperson told ABC Audio at the time that a second season was “in discussions, but not confirmed yet.”

Since its launch on September 17, Squid Game has become the biggest hit in Netflix’s history in terms of worldwide viewership, and the first Korean-language series to reach the number-one slot on the streaming giant’s charts.

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