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Is an ‘Indiana Jones’ show headed to Disney+?


There’s no word from ABC News’ parent company, Disney, or its subsidiary Lucasfilm, but Variety reports both companies have been meeting with writers to help get an Indiana Jones series off the ground for Disney+.

It’s not known whether the show will be a prequel series, as the Emmy-winning Young Indiana Jones Chronicles was in the early ’90s, or some kind of in-universe tie-in to 2023’s forthcoming fifth Indy adventure, the last starring Harrison Ford as the man in the hat.

Ford himself cameoed in an episode of ABC’s Young Indiana Jones series — specifically, “Young Indiana Jones and the Mystery of the Blues” in 1993. Each episode of the show was bookended with an elderly — and eyepatch-wearing — Indy, played by the late George Hall, looking back at his earlier adventures. Corey Carrier and Sean Patrick Flanery both played the younger Henry Jones Jr., whose adventures took him from the trenches of World War I to the streets of India and beyond.

The fifth Indiana Jones adventure hits theaters June 23, 2023 — just before Ford’s 81st birthday.

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