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Have a (free) Coke and a smile: Coca-Cola celebrating summer and National Drive-In Day with free soda promo


To celebrate both June 6 as National Drive in Day, and the return to summer fun as the pandemic eases, Coca-Cola is handing out free sodas.

The iconic soda brand is teaming up with America’s oldest drive-in theater — Shankweiler’s Drive-In Theatre in Orefield, Pennsylvania — on Sunday to supply patrons with free sodas and popcorn.

Shankweiler’s has been in operation since 1932.

Once a cultural touchstone in the country, drive-ins have dwindled in number over the decades, but the concept sprang to life again when COVID-19 shuttered indoor theaters.

What’s more, Coca-Cola has announced its “This Coke’s On Us” promotion. Starting June 1, you can register at Coke.com/Summer to find out how you can get a free soda between June 17-21. The initiative is aimed at driving traffic to pandemic-strapped restaurants.

“Summer is a time of joy and togetherness, and this feeling has escalated more so in 2021 than in any year in recent memory, said Melissa Schwartz, a Coca-Cola brand director. “As Americans re-emerge from lockdown, we hope to facilitate these connections by encouraging consumers to enjoy an ice-cold Coke on us with friends and family at their favorite restaurant.”

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