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‘Halloween Ends’ star Jamie Lee Curtis says studio posted guard so she wouldn’t pirate “my own f****** movie!


(NOTE LANGUAGE) Jamie Lee Curtis has been the face of the franchise since 1978’s Halloween — but apparently, that doesn’t mean that Universal Pictures trusts her.

In a cheeky chat with the BBC America’s The Graham Norton Show, Curtis explained the studio hooked her up with her own screening of her final chapter, Halloween Ends, except she had an unwanted date.

“I watched it in an empty theater,” the actress explained on the chat show. “But I swear to God, they insisted on having a guard in the room so that I wouldn’t pirate my own f****** movie!” she said to laughs.

“I was like, ‘Wait, what?!’ she recalled.

The actress explained she turned away from the screen for most of the movie, which she watched with the volume down — perhaps to spare herself from the scares — but she knew what it was delivering.

“My entire movie, I turned my head, but I heard him, and he was going ‘Oh! Oh! Oh no! Oh no!” Curtis recalled.

Halloween Ends debuts both in theaters and on Peacock on October 14.

(Interview video contains uncensored profanity)

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