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Golden Globe winner Jeremy Allen White hints at what’s on the menu for second season of ‘The Bear’


To the delight of critics and viewers who made FX’s The Bear one of last season’s buzziest hits, the Hulu smash was renewed over the summer.

However, not even its newly minted Golden Globe-winning star Jeremy Allen White knows what’s on the menu for next season.

The actor, who plays Carmine “Carmy” Berzatto in the series, suspects the next go-round will pick up where the finale left off: Getting off the ground the restaurant that … bears his nickname. But even he doesn’t know for sure.

He expressed backstage, “Really and truly … I haven’t read anything. I’ve been bothering Chris [show creator Christopher Storer] out there all night to give me some scripts. He says January 15. But I think we’ll open The Bear. I mean, I think we’ll see the process of, um, of, you know, building a kitchen from the ground up.”

For a guy who plays a world-famous chef on the career rebound, however, White admits he had no real cooking experience — but the show opened his eyes to the business thanks to its technical advisers, including chef Matty Matheson and Storer’s chef sister, Courtney.

White explains, “And so I go out to eat with them, and I just try to watch their relationship to the food. But not only the food … but also the environment of a restaurant … . It was something I had never really thought about. Is it someplace you want to stay? Is it someplace you want to be? How’s the service? All these things. I just, I started looking at it in a bigger way.”

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