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Froggy Guy: Amphibian named in conservationist Seth MacFarlane’s honor


Seth MacFarlane is the creator of shows like Family Guy, American Dad, and The Orville, but now he’s got something else bearing his name: a frog.

The Rainforest Trust, a conservationist organization with whom MacFarlane has worked and supported, has honored his efforts by naming a newly-discovered Stream Frog species after him.

The Hyloscirtus sethmacfarlanei just made its first appearance in the peer-reviewed science journal PeerJ.

The frog was discovered in a remote mountain region in Ecuador a few years ago and was found to be a totally new species. The scientist who scooped up the colorful little jumper noted tingling in his arm afterward, suspecting the frog had the ability to excrete a “mild neurotoxin” when threatened.

For the record, Seth can’t do that. Regardless, the organization thought the name was apropos.

“It seemed perfect to name this frog, with its playful polka dots juxtaposed with its most likely threatened status, after Seth who is known more for his comedy than his dedication to science and conservation,” noted Rainforest Trust CEO James Deutsch, Ph.D. in the announcement.

The naming was apparently a surprise for MacFarlane’s upcoming birthday, October 26.

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