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Fired ‘The Goldbergs’ star Jeff Garlin will continue to appear using previously shot footage


Jeff Garlin, who exited the The Goldbergs last week following multiple misconduct allegations, will reportedly continue to appear in the show’s current season through the magic of editing.

The plan for now is that Garlin will appear on the ABC sitcom through the use of off-camera dialogue pulled from earlier episodes and unused takes, as well as previously shot images of Garlin, sources tell Variety. There won’t be deep fake images, nor any face replacement. Garlin will continue to appearon the show in some form for now, which means the actor will continue to be paid, even though he technically won’t be working, Variety reports.

Garlin will not film any new episodes of The Goldbergs, but his stand-in has already been used, shot from the back, in group scenes since his departure, adds the industry trade. Additionally, Garlin’s stand-in has appeared in promotional materials for the show in the past, with the actor’s head superimposed on the other man’s body.

Garlin has played the character of Murray since The Goldbergs premiered in 2013. However, over the years, his character has become less central to the ABC sitcom, with Garlin working only one day a week this season, according to Variety.

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