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Fans not exactly feeling euphoria after unveiling of Zendaya’s latest wax statue


proud posting of the latest star re-created by the artists of Madame Tussauds in London has some Zendaya fans crying foul. 

The wax figure is dressed and posed in a hot pink Stella McCartney suit Zendaya wore at a 2016 red carpet Humane Society of the United States event. However, some critics are saying no way to the representation of the Spider-Man: No Way Home star’s likeness. 

“Zendaya deserved better,” opined one fan

“How does this both look like her and look nothing like her at the same time???” griped another

“[W]hat in the kylie jenner?” another snarked.

“Lmao that’s not zendaya, it’s more like stormi in future,” said yet another fan, referencing Kylie Jenner‘s 4-year-old daughter with Travis Scott.

“The wax version of Zendaya looks like she wants to speak to the manager,” another offered of the replica’s nonplussed expression.

In 2020, Zendaya herself visited Toussads in London and posed with a pair of her wax stand-ins, calling them “pretty fabulous.”

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