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Eva Longoria and Matt Walsh say ‘Unplugging’ tackles bad screen time habits for adults


If you have a sneaking suspicion you may be borderline umbilical with your phone, Eva Longoria and Matt Walsh say their new movie, Unplugging, is for you.

The movie stars the two as a husband and wife more married to technology than to one another, so they embark on a digital detox weekend to revive the spark in their marriage.  But vacationing in an ultra-remote area with minimal cell service forces the two to address the issues their phones helped them avoid. 

Walsh, who wrote and stars in the film, told ABC Audio his message is simple: relationships are more important than technology.  “It’s about just investing in the relationships we have by creating a boundary around screen time that lets us be connected, look each other in the eyes, go to nature together… to reset us and reinvigorate us and remind us why we why we’re fortunate to have those people in our lives,” he says.

“We do monitor screen time for kids, but not for ourselves,” Longoria adds. “Digital detox, I think, is a great idea for people to take — even if it’s a little mini break.”

The Desperate Housewives star added she “jumped at the chance” to work on the film because the the plot was so “fun to explore.”

That said, how do Walsh and Longoria rate their screen time habits?  Out of a scale of one to 10 — with one representing complete addiction — Longoria said she’s “a two.”

“I’m not addicted to Instagram,” she attested. “I’m working here!  I’m working and I have a child, so I need my phone.”

As for Walsh, he estimated he’s “a six.” 

Unplugged is in theaters now.

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