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Elle Fanning spills the details on ‘The Great’s’ anxiously awaited second season


Huzzah! The Great is finally back for season two on Hulu after a long break, starting Friday!

The show stars Elle Fanning and Nicholas Hoult as fictionalized versions of Catherine and Peter The Great, and Fanning tells ABC Audio the new season picks up with Catherine about to take her place on the throne.

“She’s about four months [pregnant] when season two starts…it opens with, they’ve been in a standstill,” she explains. “They’re battling kind of back and forth to who’s going to get the throne. And Peter finally abdicates in the first episode because he’s hungry. So I just kind of, you know, shove a roast pig — waft it — and hey, you’ll you have to watch the show. You’ll see.”

Fanning adds there’s a little bit of “be careful what you ask for” this season.

“Basically season one, I think, was her trying to get the power. Season two, she’s in power and it’s now, OK, you have the power, how are you going to use it? And is she even going to be a good leader? Is she gonna to get everything done that she wants to?” notes the 23-year-old actress. “She’s someone who has a lot of ideas, and she talks a lot about her amazing ideas. But is she able to implement them um, in a country that is kind of not wanting to change.”

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