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Deon Cole shares emotional story behind naming his Netflix comedy special ‘Charleen’s Boy’


Get ready to laugh because Deon Cole‘s new comedy special Charleen’s Boy is out on Netflix now. 

In his second special with the streamer, Cole shares his comical take on life and dating in today’s society. While the project brings more than a few laughs, the background is much more emotional, as the special is dedicated to and named after his late mother. 

“My mom passed about a year ago and I don’t have no brothers and sisters and nothing like that or father that [she] was like my only rock, you know, my everything. I did everything for her. When she passed away, it just left a void,” he tells ABC Audio.

Additionally, Charleen’s Boy was filmed on the anniversary of his mother’s death, though that wasn’t the plan originally. 

“I wasn’t even supposed to shoot, especially on that day,” the black-ish star says before explaining that it was the only day available. “I didn’t want to do it…but then a few days later, I just kept feeling this energy like, nah don’t mourn that day, just celebrate her that day.” 

The change of heart also prompted a change in the name of the Netflix special which he revealed was previously titled called Cole Facts. 

“I changed it to Charleen’s Boy because I felt like when people see it it’d be the name of the special, but it also be what I am and, you know, make sure her name ring forever,” Coles explains. “So it was special to shoot that day instead of mourning that day. I celebrated that.” 

Deon Cole: Charleen’s Boy is available to stream now. 

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