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Daniel Brühl on bringing Hulus Becoming Karl Lagerfeld to Cannes and beyond


Acclaimed actor Daniel Brühl has appeared in films like All Quiet on the Western Front, Inglorious Basterds and Marvel Studios’ Captain America: Civil War as Baron Zemo — a character he reprised in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. 

But in the upcoming Hulu series Becoming Karl Lagerfeld, Brühl takes on the titular fashion icon — and does it in French.

Based on Raphaëlle Bacqué’s biography Kaiser Karl, the multilingual star takes the designer through his career’s early days. Hulu teases that the six-episode series tracks “the rise of Karl Lagerfeld through the world of 1970s Parisian high fashion.”

That said, Brühl tells ABC Audio he was still surprised by the glitz and glamor of taking the series right to the heart of French popular culture, the recent Cannes International Film Festival and at the show’s premiere in Paris Tuesday. 

“Very glamorous. I mean, the French do it so well,” Brühl said of his Cannes experience to ABC Audio. 

“Also, there was a premiere at the Rex, you know, which is that old iconic, gigantic cinema. And, you know, to be there with a show is incredible. And it’s treated … like cinema, you know, it’s so incredible. I feel deeply honored.”

Brühl explained he and his co-star Théodore Pellerin were driven to that venue in a pair of matching vintage white Rolls-Royces. “And then the after-party was, you know, wonderfully organized in that ’70s style,” the actor says.

He added with a laugh, “I mean, the French really know how to do these things, I have to say.”  

Becoming Karl Lagerfeld will debut on Hulu and Disney+ on June 6.

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