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‘Cruella’ director Craig Gillespie says film gives an “understanding of humanity”


The 101 Dalmatians villain origin story Cruella is out today and we learn the backstory and motivations of Cruella de Vil, the character who for some reason was obsessed with making a coat out of the black and white spotted dogs.

Craig Gillespie directed Cruella and he tells ABC Audio he’s not worried about making a character, who was kind of a monster, into someone sympathetic.

“I love taking outsiders or misinterpreted people and misfits and figuring out how did they arrive to the place that they are,” he explains. “It’s not that I’m trying to be sympathetic necessarily. It’s more empathetic. And to see the journey that they go on to make the decisions that they’re making.”

“I think it just gives you an understanding. And it just gives you an understanding of humanity and the pain and suffering,” he adds.

In the film Emma Stone brings Cruella to life and opposite her, as the evil fashion mogul The Baroness, is actress Emma Thompson. Although their characters have different monikers, Gillespie admits that it was a bit tricky when both stars have the same first name.

“That would be confusing at times,” he laughs. “I would have to concentrate on who I was addressing and be clear.”

Cruella is available in theaters and on Disney+ for an extra fee. Gillespie is just “happy there are options.”

“It sort of takes it takes that stress level out of the people. It’s been a very hard year,” he says. “If you want to stay home and watch it with your family, great. If you want to go finally have a communal experience, great. I just like that there’s the choices, that we’re not making people have to pick.”

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