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Ciara hilariously films a super loopy Russell Wilson after wisdom teeth operation


Russell Wilson proved on Sunday that not even he is immune to anesthesia.  The NFL star had to have several wisdom teeth removed over the weekend and, greeting him after surgery with camera in hand was his wife, Ciara.

“My baby was gone,” the “Goodies” singer remarked with a crying laughing emoji when sharing the video on her Instagram stories Monday, which showed Wilson being wheeled out of surgery after waking from anesthesia.  Hilariously, he had his cap and shades on so he could be rolled out in style.

The groggy athlete, who revealed he had four wisdom teeth removed, tries to regain his motor functions and, after some difficulty, touches his mouth.

He tries telling Ciara a few things as he’s wheeled past her, but the gauze in his mouth makes it hard to understand.

Thankfully, the Seattle Seahawks quarterback transcribed his final words before being wheeled away, revealing that he told his wife, “My lips hurt.”

Ciara, 35, and Wilson, 32, wed in 2016.  They share two children together, three-year-old Sienna and Win, who turns one in July. The two co-parent Ciara’s six-year-old, Future Zahir, who is from a previous relationship.

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