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Check out ‘Ted Lasso’ Emmy Winner Brett Goldstein teaching ‘Sesame Street’ characters the “F” word


Actor Brett Goldstein got great mileage out of the “f” word in Ted Lasso — and even out of character used it profusely in accepting his Emmy last year. But now he’s taught it to the fuzzy residents of Sesame Street.

However, it’s not the same F-word we’re used to seeing TV’s Roy Kent saying: it’s “fairness.”

“Today’s word begins with the letter ‘F"” says the Muppet Tamir, in the just-posted sketch.

“Ooh, I love the letter ‘F’,” Goldstein growls, smiling.

With the help of his puppet pals, Goldstein gives Cookie Monster a lesson in fairness — by sharing the cookies the actor just baked, rather than gobbling them all up like, well, a monster.

“I had no idea you liked to bake!” Tamir also comments in the bit.

“I do. It relaxes me,” Goldstein deadpans.

ABC Audio recently spoke with Sonia Manzano, who played Maria on Sesame Street for 44 years before leaving in 2015, about the decades-old tradition of stars getting starstruck when they cameo on the celebrated kids show.

“I love to see these big celebrities, absolutely, get gaga over Elmo and Big Bird, and they’re just thrilled to meet the characters, and they’re very disarming!” said Manzano. “I love it when great actors who can are in great movies are sort of disarmed by Elmo, and Elmo makes them forget their lines and break their concentration because they can’t keep a straight face when they’re talking to these fuzzy monsters.”

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