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Brian Cox calls “gifted” ‘Succession’ co-star Jeremy Strong’s Method acting “f***ing annoying”


(NOTE LANGUAGE) Succession Emmy winner Brian Cox certainly thinks Jeremy Strong, one of the scheming siblings on the HBO show, is “gifted” but says how he gets there is “f***ing annoying.”

In a feature in Town & Country, Cox was asked about comments he made last year to the New Yorker, in which he and other Succession co-stars called out Strong’s “intense” Method-like acting. Cox said at the time it’s a “particularly American disease, I think, this inability to separate yourself off while you’re doing the job.”

In the new interview, the Scottish actor was asked again about Strong’s process. “Oh, it’s f***ing annoying,” he said. “Don’t get me going on it.”

Cox continues, “He’s a very good actor. And the rest of the ensemble is all okay with this. But knowing a character and what the character does is only part of the skill set.”

The actor, who plays CEO Logan Roy, cites an example of Strong not letting his character go after a particularly intense scene. “He’s f***ing gifted. When you’ve got the gift, celebrate the gift. Go back to your trailer and have a hit of marijuana, you know?”

For the record, Strong, who plays Logan’s son Kendall Roy, is aware he ruffles feathers. He offered GQ of the Emmy-winning drama, “It is like a family in the sense that…you don’t always like the people that you love. I do always respect them.”

He added, “Everyone’s entitled to have their feelings. I also think Brian Cox, for example, he’s earned the right to say whatever the f*** he wants.”

Succession returns for season 4 Sunday, March 26, at 9 p.m. on HBO.

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