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Bobby Berk, Antoni Porowski tease a “very emotional” new season of ‘Queer Eye’: “Tan cried! Tan’s never cried”


Queer Eye’s sixth season kicks off Friday, when the Fab 5 heads to to Texas for what star Bobby Berk says is one of the best seasons ever.

“This season was very emotional, and I know that every season’s emotional, but this one’s more,” the interior designer explained.  “Tan cried! Tan’s never cried.  If you look back on every single episode we’ve ever done, almost 70 of them, Tan has never cried.”

Bobby said it was a jarring moment for everyone because, “All of a sudden, behind me, I start hearing this awkward, weird whimper and I look back and it’s Tan crying. And we were all taken out of the moment because we’ve never seen Tan be emotional before.”  

Bobby says the upcoming season is a fresh start for the Fab 5 because the pandemic shut down production, allowing them time to relax and reflect after churning out five seasons since 2018.

“We were very burnt out.  We were very exhausted,” Berk admits, saying he’d look back at older episodes and “see a lot of us on autopilot.”  The time off, he says, allowed everyone to “reevaluate the things that are important… And it really re-energized us to get out there and help people.”

He says season six feels like season one “because we…had our hearts back in it.” 

Food expert Antoni Porowski added, “We all really missed each other” during the production shutdown, so when everyone came back, “It was like, ‘Let’s go!"”

Aside from great stories and great heroes, Antoni adds this season sends “love to small businesses” and those deeply affected by the pandemic, as well as the “really crazy storms” that tore through Texas “just two weeks before we arrived.” 

Queer Eye premieres Friday on Netflix.

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