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BNC President Princell Hair shares the “inspiring” purpose behind his diverse news network


Black News Channel President Princell Hair is sharing some of the important reasons why the fast-growing news network is worth the watch.

“On our best day, we’re telling stories in our communities, we’re making a difference,” Hair tells ABC Audio of the Black-news-centered channel that was launched in 2020. “We are inspiring people. We are entertaining them. We are informing them.”

Hair, who was named President and CEO of BNC back in July of 2020, says the focus of the channel has always been to inform viewers about Black and Brown communities through thoughtful and unbiased coverage.

“My hope is that you’ve learned something, that you’ve been inspired by something that you saw,” he shares. “That to me is the greatest legacy of this network.”

While focusing on overlooked and underrepresented communities is a priority to the network’s agenda, Hair says that he has an ever bigger vision for BNC, which is now available in over 52 million homes.

“I want BNC to be a global media brand,” Hair declares. “There are people around the world who are interested in what’s happening in Black America. Africans in South Africa, in Nigeria — more of the English speaking countries over there are interested in what’s happening here. Black Brits are interested in the U.K…. [Even] folks who live in the Caribbean are interested in what’s happening happening in Black America.”

For more information on BNC and how to access it, go to BNC.tv.

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