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‘Black Cake’ serves up family drama, murder and mystery


A globetrotting murder mystery, based on a bestselling book, hits Hulu Wednesday, November 1. Black Cake is from writer/producer Marissa Jo Cerar, who describes the family drama to ABC Audio as “an epic story that takes place starting in the 1960s [and] goes all the way through present day.”

“It’s about a young woman named Covey [played by Mia Isaac] who is forced into a marriage. And after the murder of her husband, she is running for her life,” she continues. “And the mystery of episode one is how did Covey become Eleanor, this suburban mom living in Southern California.” 

“[It’s] just a gorgeous premium series with people of color, specifically women of color, as the main characters rather than supporting other people’s stories,” she says, adding, “This was our story, and it wasn’t a movie or show about the civil rights movement or slavery. And I have definitely, you know, my first show was all about the civil rights movement, so there’s a place for those. But I wanted to do our Little Fires Everywhere, our Big Little Lies.”

Black Cake, adapted from the novel by Charmaine Wilkerson, is executive produced by Oprah Winfrey. Describing Winfrey’s involvement in the project, Cerar notes, “She’s a very, in terms of notes and collaboration, everything comes from truth.”

“It’s just telling the truth and being authentic. And that’s always my North star over any project in terms of costumes, hair, locations, casting,” adds Cerar. “So … she’s been so supportive and was just asking, are you happy? I hope you’re happy. You should be proud. And just hearing that from Oprah, like, you know, what else do you need to hear in you life, to be honest?”

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