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Ashley Tisdale explains why she wants to be fully open and honest with her fans


Ashley Tisdale considers herself an open book.  The High School Musical star chronicles her personal thoughts through her website, Frenshe, where she candidly discusses sensitive topics such as understanding her past traumas to her struggles over breastfeeding her newborn daughter Jupiter.

Speaking with ABC Audio, Tisdale said her website allows her to freely be “the most open with my audience and my community and fans.”

When asked why she decided to publicly share her experiences with sensitive matters, Tisdale, 36, said she does it in hopes of helping others.

“I wanted to talk about [what] I’ve been through that I learned from,” the actress expressed. “If I could help someone else learn from them before they do something?… I just really want to be open.”

Tisdale explained that Frenshe operates as an “outlet” that allows her to provide comfort and encouragement to people dealing with “feelings of stress and frustration and guilt.”

Most recently, her blog posts have centered on motherhood — such as her struggle to accept her postpartum body.

“I’m able to have those conversations and talk about how I feel about my body after having a baby and feeling the pressure [to lose] weight,” said Tisdale.  Discussions include her admitting that she, too, compares herself to other moms who seemingly snapped right back into shape after giving birth.

“I had these feelings about myself and I just had to stop… because my body just did something absolutely amazing and created another life,” the Masked Dancer host explained.

In the end, Tisdale noted that sharing her vulnerable thoughts allows her to build a more positive community.

The actress, who is a paid spokesperson of Enfamil’s Enspire formula, says she enjoys hosting such honest discussions because they “help people feel good about themselves” by telling them they’re not alone.

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