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As online commenters sour on her, Chrissy Teigen tells TMZ she could be cancelled “forever”


(NOTE LANGUAGE) Chrissy Teigen didn’t get a warm reception from folks online when she emerged from her self-described “cancel club” in the wake of her cyberbullying scandal. 

The former model and cookbook author hit the streets of LA in a conspicuous equestrian outfit on Tuesday, and the one-time “Mayor of Twitter” wasn’t welcomed by commenters, to say the least. 

Replies to a pic of her posted on the gossip site JustJared’s Instagram feed were overwhelmingly negative. “Does this lady not realize that the entire world sees how desperate she is for attention? It’s so obvious. No one in LA walks around in riding gear,” snarked one commenter, who got hundreds of likes.

“Is she still telling teen girls to kill themselves?” another wrote, referencing Teigen’s cyberbullying of Courtney Stodden when the model was 16. 

“Ride out of town,” one said of her riding gear. 

Meanwhile, Teigen herself spoke to TMZ videographers during that outing, vowing, “I have decided I’m not getting involved in anyone’s s*** ever again.”

She laughed when she was asked when she thinks she would be out of the “cancel club” she lamented being a member of, adding, “I don’t know, it could be forever. I have no idea. I don’t know.”

The comments come just days after Stodden herself laughed at a recent post from Teigen in which she lamented her plight. “Just be nice,” Stodden wrote in response.

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