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As if! Alicia Silverstone adorably reenacts iconic ‘Clueless’ scene with son, Bear


Actress Alicia Silverstone has finally joined TikTok and, to celebrate the occasion, she reenacted the one of biggest moments from the movie Clueless — where Cher shoves away a boy and exclaims, “As if!”

The highly quotable moment from the 1995 comedy happens while Cher monologues about dating high school boys as she walks onto the Bronson Alcott High School’s campus.  While mentally noting that teenage boys are too needy, one slides into frame and tries hitting on her — sparking the now-iconic catch phrase.

16 years after filming that sequence, Silverstone reprised her role as Cher and even wore a similar yellow plaid blazer for the occasion.  The video starts with the Emmy nominee marching toward the camera as No Doubt‘s “Just A Girl” plays in the background.

Assisting in her reenactment was Silverstone’s 10-year-old son, Bear Blu, who played the part of the high school boy who accosts Cher.

Just like in the film, Silverstone recoils in disgust when Bear wraps an arm around her.  The actress then pretends to shove away the unsolicited advance and recites, “Ew. Get off of me… ugh!  As if!”

The short video ends with Bear walking back into frame to give his mom a sweet hug, who reciprocates and plants a kiss on his head.

“Ugh! As if… I wouldn’t join TikTok,” the 44-year-old actress captioned the video.

As of early Monday, the video has accrued over 6.5 million likes.  

Silverstone shares Bear with ex-husband Christopher Jarecki.

Clueless, a loose retelling of the Jane Austen novel Emma, was released July 19, 1995.  It grossed $56.1 million during its box office run and has since been hailed as one of the best teen movies of all time.  

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