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Amy Schumer predicts she’ll be “canceled” thanks to Sunday night’s live Oscars telecast


Amy Schumer sat down with Ellen DeGeneres for a taping of an April segment for the final season of Ellen’s chat show, during which Amy admitted she’s expecting some blowback from her Oscars gig this Sunday night. 

Schumer, fellow comic Wanda Sykes and actress Regina Hall are co-hosting the 94th installment of the awards ceremony, airing on ABC. 

Amy emerged from backstage wearing an exact copy of the outfit Ellen was wearing — a cream-colored jacket over a white shirt and jeans. To literally top it off, Schumer wore a short-cropped wig approximating Ellen’s ‘do. 

“Am I not taking over the show?” Amy asked in mock confusion. “They invited me, and you’re wrapping things up, and I thought I was becoming…taking over the show. Is that not the plan?”

Ellen joked, “I would love it, but I didn’t know anything about it,” then told the audience, “But let’s have her take over the show,” who applauded.

After Amy ditched the wig, Ellen asked Schumer about her upcoming Oscars stint. By the time the interview airs April 20, Amy predicted she’ll be “freshly canceled.” 

“Are you gonna be edgy?” Ellen asked.

Amy answered, “It’s not that I make the plan, it’s just I have no impulse control, so…I think it, and then it’s too late, I’m over.”

Amy said she’s not nervous about the show, crediting her background in stand-up, but she admitted that she’s had trouble sleeping lately.

Schumer asked for some advice from Ellen, a former Oscars host herself. “I think just have fun,” Ellen offered. “You’re gonna look out there [at the audience] and you know everybody, and everybody knows you. That helps.”  

The pair jokingly agreed that if Oscar nominee Javier Bardem catches Amy’s eye, she should just stare at him.

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