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Amazon’s ‘Night Sky’ is sci-fi flick with a twist


What exactly is in that shed? The new sci-fi series Night Sky is streaming now on Amazon Prime.

Academy Award winners J.K. Simmons and Sissy Spacek play an aging couple with their fair share of life stories and secrets, including a portal in their backyard shed that seemingly leads to another part of the universe. Simmons tells ABC Audio there is a very human story here underneath the show’s fantastic premise.

“I didn’t even know when I started reading the script that we were going to go off into sci-fi land. I just started reading from page one in complete ignorance and I fell in love with the characters,” he recalls. “And then as our…universe in the show sort of expands it was just one pleasant, sort of jaw-dropping moment after another.”

So what drew the Spider-Man: No Way Home star to the script? Simmons says it was a couple of things.

“Sissy was already attached when they sent me the script that had me very interested right up front. And then really it was Holden Miller’s script and the insight that he has into a couple of 70-somethings and as we learn in future episodes — you know insights that he has into a lot of things,” he explains.

Night Sky also tackles some pretty big life topics, too, such as aging and our purpose in the world. Spacek told ABC Audio she’s not sure if we’re meant to get all the answers to this life’s burning mysteries.

“I don’t think so, I think this life is a bit of an experiment,” she shares. “A process. That when by the time we get to the end of it hopefully, we’ll understand. But at this point I’m still kinda in the dark!”

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