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Alicia Witt says big changes from ‘The Walking Dead’ led to her new book, ‘Small Changes’


Actress Alicia Witt has been seen on screen since the age of 7, starring in David Lynch‘s sci-fi classic Dune. Over the years, she’s appeared in shows like Twin Peaks, Nashville, Orange Is the New Black, and most recently in Netflix’s film I Care a Lot. But Witt tells ABC Audio that a two-episode arc as the villain Paula on The Walking Dead in the show’s heyday of 2016 ended up changing the trajectory of her life and her career as a recording artist, and led to her forthcoming guide to health, Small Changes. 

“It’s funny how that that kind of thing happens,” Witt recalls. “And that whole episode wouldn’t have happened if [Walking Dead executive producer] Scott Gimple hadn’t heard me on a podcast talking about my music.”

“Scott sent me a Twitter direct message out of the blue just to say, ‘Hey, I wanted to let you know I’m a fan…and I freaked out. “I was like, ‘What? You’re a fan? I love your show so much!"”

She explains, “Because that episode was seen by so many millions of people all at once…they looked me up to find out who that was….and [that] got the attention of this literary agent. And I had been thinking about writing a book and several books for years, but didn’t know how to make that happen.”

Her time on the Georgia set in part helped convince her to move from Los Angeles to the South; she currently resides in Nashville. 

Witt describes Small Changes as, “a guide for anybody that wants to make some sort of improvement and change in their life, particularly when it comes to what kind of foods you eat, trying to get a little bit of exercise…trying to add some more peace and centeredness and coming back to your own self as the one that you can count on no matter what.”

What’s more, Alicia has a new single, “Talk To You,” which has released ahead of her forthcoming album The Conduit. She says the song, about longing to connect with that special someone, took on new significance as the pandemic begins to ease.

“I think now that we’re we’re all starting to become vaccinated or coming out of our shells, and there’s such a sense of euphoria and wonderment about the simple act of sitting next to another human again without a mask on and putting your arm on their shoulder and looking into their beautiful face and talking to them,” Witt explains. 



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