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After Golden Globes appearance, Jamie Lee Curtis reveals she’s COVID positive


(NOTE LANGUAGE) Jamie Lee Curtis may have missed out on a Golden Globe for Everything Everywhere All at Once on Tuesday, but she apparently didn’t go home empty-handed.

The Halloween series star posted to Instagram three positive COVID-19 tests and explained that because of it, she is forced to miss some upcoming award shows at which the movie is nominated.

“F*** COVID!” began the actress.

“Sadly, this head cheerleader is not going to be at all the weekend festivities cheering on her friends and colleagues. Life on life’s terms,” she continued.

“I’m glad that there are all these home tests available so that I didn’t go to the @americanfilminstitute lunch and spread my germs. I was SO looking forward to going to the @bafta tea and the @criticschoice awards as a nominee and member of a motley crew!”

She concluded of her Everything Everywhere colleagues, “I’m so proud of these people, and I look forward to cheering them on through my TV set. Stay safe out there people.”

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