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Actor Walton Goggins says his Mulholland Distilling isn’t just another celebrity booze brand


(LOS ANGELES) — With celebrities like George Clooney, The Rock, Ryan Reynolds — and yes, much to the chagrin of Kardashian critics — Kylie Jenner getting into the alcoholic beverage business, you might think that Justified vet Walton Goggins’ Mulholland Distilling is just another Hollywood-affiliated booze brand. 

But the actor, photographer, Oscar-winning producer and spirits entrepreneur takes it seriously.

He tells ABC Audio plainly, “This is not a celebrity co-branding thing.”

“During Justified, because the consumption of whiskey was such an integral part of that [show], I was approached about kind of getting involved in certain things and it just didn’t feel right,” he admits. “I felt like I was selling something.”

Instead, he and his friend, cinematographer Matthew Alper, sought to do something different with the Los Angeles-based Mulholland Distilling. They wanted to create, “a spirit brand that truly represents who we are.”

Now, five years on, their wine and spirits brand is going national. “We started out of the trunk of our car, you know, selling wine and spirits. And now we’re in 125 restaurants in Los Angeles and every Whole Foods, BevMo! in the state. And we’re about to expand to 20 other states. And we’re doing it because we love it!”

The Shield veteran and current star of The Unicorn says, “I’ve had the good fortune of traveling all over the world. And the first thing that I do whenever I get out of town is find my little bar…I get to know their names and it’s just a little home away from home. And it’s a way to unwind: one drink or one glass of wine after a long day of work.”

Goggins says, “For me, sharing a drink with someone, it’s just a gateway to vulnerability. And that’s all it’s ever been for me, is a conversation. And that’s what I look for in my life. And that’s what I look for in front of the camera. And that’s what I look for when the cameras aren’t rolling.”

By Stephen Iervolino
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