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A “very proud” Diego Luna on his “surprise” Best Actor nominations for ‘Andor’


Andor star and executive producer Diego Luna was already over the moon with how well the Disney+ Star Wars series has fared with both fans and professional critics.

The show has a 96% score on ratings aggregator Rotten Tomatoes and has earned some of the best online fan reaction since The Mandalorian. But the actor, now working on Andor’s second season, admits he was taken aback by his recent Best Actor nominations from the People’s Choice Awards, the Critics Choice Awards, and the Golden Globes.

Luna recalls of the latter, “… I remember I was shooting, and the makeup artist came and said it to me, like, ‘Congratulations!’ And I thought she was talking about the shot we were doing. And I was like, “[T]his is simple, the tough one is to come.’ And she was like, ‘No, no, congrats on the nomination!’ And I was like, ‘Wow, that’s great news!"”

He adds, “It’s been cool … because I wasn’t expecting it to happen, you know, I wasn’t, like, really pushing or thinking about that at all. And these two nominations came as a surprise to me.”

Luna expresses, “What people are celebrating today about the show is what we wanted this show to be … You read in the reviews and in social media that people are celebrating the show for being complex and for being darker, and more mature cinematically and visually. I mean, there … is a statement, you know, and people are celebrating that.”

He adds, “Many times shows get celebrated, but not necessarily for the right reasons or for the same reasons you joined. And this time it’s happening. And that makes me very proud.”

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