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13 years later, Diablo Cody is thrilled ’Jennifer’s Body’ is still being referenced in pop culture


Jennifer’s Body celebrated its 13th anniversary on Sunday, and Diablo Cody, who wrote the film, is thrilled the dark comedy horror continues to be referenced in pop culture.

One recent example comes from Olivia Rodrigo, who saluted Jennifer’s Body in her “Good 4 U” music video. Cody told ABC Audio she was completely surprised the singer referenced her film because she was not given a heads up beforehand.

“I never know when any of this stuff is going to happen! Like HalseyMachine Gun Kelly — there have been all these artists referencing that movie in particular and it’s mind blowing,” the Oscar-winning screenwriter expressed.  

Cody is very happy the movie continues to have an influence on pop culture 13 years after its theater release. “When the movie came out, it was the greatest professional disappointment I’d ever experienced,” she explained. “The movie flopped and it was sort of savaged by the critics.”

Cody thinks the movie suffered because it “was deliberately marketed toward boys,” sexualizing star Megan Fox in commercials and neglecting the movie’s feminist plot. Cody said she “did not agree with” those decisions.

The Juno writer wishes she could go back in time to tell her younger self, “Don’t worry. This movie will find its audience, but it’s going to take time.”

Overall, Cody is thankful that artists like Olivia continue to make mention of her film. “That’s been honestly healing for me. The fact that young people are enjoying that movie and seeing themselves is like the greatest treat,” she smiled.  “It makes me very happy and it also makes me hungry because…. I want to do more.” 

Jennifer’s Body, also starring Amanda Seyfried, bowed September 18, 2009 and earned $31.6 million in the box office. The movie is now a cult classic.

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