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You’re not going Grape-Nuts, there’s just a product shortage



(NEW YORK) — Anyone who enjoys the whole-grain crunch of Grape-Nuts for breakfast may have to temporarily swap out another cereal, because the brand just announced a product shortage.

Post, the parent company of the healthy cereal brand, addressed consumer concerns over the search for boxes of the crunchy clusters.

“We would like to inform you it has NOT been discontinued,” Post said on its website. “We are currently experiencing a product shortage where we are not able to fill orders for this item due to adjustments in our production schedules and production availability.”

The brand said it expects the product to hit shelves in most stores “sometime in March 2021.”

Post apologized for any inconvenience the situation may have caused its faithful fan base.

The good news is that if you’re a fan of just grapes or nuts those are both seemingly still available since the cereal is not in fact made of either ingredient, despite it’s name.

Grape-Nuts are the latest item to make the list of consumer packaged goods that have faced shortages as a result of the pandemic, including everything from Clorox wipes to toilet paper.

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