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The 2023 Gerber ‘spokesbaby’ is a rainbow baby: ‘Brought us immeasurable joy’


(NEW YORK) — Meet Madison!

The 9-month-old has been named the 2023 Gerber “Spokesbaby” and winner of the baby food brand’s latest photo search contest, according to Gerber.

In a press release, Gerber added that Maddie “fearlessly explores new foods.”

Maddie’s parents say they’re excited to see Maddie grow up to be a kind, strong and independent person.

“Being a rainbow baby, Maddie has brought us immeasurable joy with every milestone, snuggle and moment spent with her enriching our lives and making every day more meaningful and beautiful,” Crystal Mendoza, Maddie’s mom, said in a statement. “We look forward to witnessing her grow into a kind, compassionate, strong, independent and worldly individual as we hope to be stationed overseas again to teach Maddie about all the different parts of the world.”

Maddie lives in Colorado with her mother, a dentist, and father Jun, a U.S. Air Force physician, as well as their French bulldog. In addition to her dad, both of her grandfathers served in the U.S. Navy and immigrated to the U.S. from the Philippines. The family enjoys being outdoors, and Maddie in particular loves to visit her local zoo and go on hikes.

As the official Gerber Spokesbaby, Maddie will receive a year’s worth of Gerber baby food and also serve as the baby food brand’s Chief Growing Officer and Chief Taste Tester, where she’ll get to “to taste and review new baby food products to help inform future innovations to foster nutritious product growth and highlight product quality,” according to Gerber.

Maddie’s grand prize also includes a $25,000 check, an ezpz First Foods Set, a $500 Gerber Childrenswear gift card, a Mommy & Me luggage set from Beis Travel, and a Canon EOS R50 camera and lens kit.

In addition, Gerber said they will match Maddie’s $25,000 winnings with a donation in the same amount to support March of Dimes’ maternal and infant health programs.

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