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Parents warned to stop using infant loungers sold exclusively on Amazon


(NEW YORK) — The Consumer Product Safety Commission is warning parents to stop using baby and infant loungers from Gorsetle US that were sold online through Amazon exclusively.

The CPSC said in a Thursday news release that the loungers, which don’t come with a stand, “do not comply with the federal safety standard for infant sleep products, posing a risk of suffocation and fall hazard to infants.” The federal agency also noted that Gorsetle’s infant loungers did not come with required “markings, labeling, and instructional literature requirements,” including a lack of “a tracking label containing required information, including the date of manufacture.”

The multiple factors combined “create an unsafe sleeping environment for infants,” according to the CPSC.

The CPSC’s Infant Sleep Products Rule went into effect in June 2022 and requires products for babies and infants like bassinets and loungers to have legs or a stand or base if they don’t meet other standards.

Gorsetle’s loungers, according to the CPSC, were marketed as “GORSETLE Baby Loungers, Portable Infant Floor Seat Ultra Soft & Breathable Newborn Lounger Baby Registry Essential Gift Great for Travel and Tummy Time (Crown)” and retailed for approximately $60.

Some of the loungers sold featured a crown print, jungle animal print or a little elephant print. They included a head pillow and a portable handbag with a handle.

Gorsetle products no longer appear to be available for purchase on Amazon’s website but the company’s store page on Amazon is still active. Product listings on other online retailers, such as Sears’ website, show the product as “unavailable” but online marketplace eBay appears to still have active reseller listings for Gorsetle lounger products.

The CPSC is encouraging anyone with a Gorsetle lounger to stop using the product immediately, and cut and dispose of the fabric and the accompanying pillow. Any injuries or defects from a Gorsetle lounger can be reported to the CPSC at www.SaferProducts.gov.

The CPSC added that Gorsetle US “is not cooperating with CPSC on a recall of this product and is not offering a remedy to consumers.”

This is the third lounger warning the CPSC has issued this June: The agency urged consumers to stop using infant loungers from the brands Momaid and The Boppy Company as well.

Tips for a safe sleeping environment for babies and infants

The CPSC says the best sleeping environment for a baby or infant is a “firm, flat surface” such as one in a bassinet, crib or play yard. Children should be placed on their back to sleep, and if they fall asleep in an inclined or upright position first, they then should be moved to a firm and flat surface.

Parents and caregivers are advised to also only use fitted sheets on any sleeping surfaces and avoid soft items such as blankets, padded crib bumpers, pillows or any additional objects.

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