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Old Navy debuts 2022 Flag Tee collection — including first Spanish language design


(NEW YORK) — Old Navy’s 2022 Flag Tee collection is here, just in time for the Fourth of July.

The retailer recently revealed its latest version of the popular T-shirts, and this year’s lineup includes the brand’s first Spanish language design.

The new inclusive designs were co-created with the company’s Project WE artists, Manuela Guillén, Monica Ahanonu and Edward Granger. Each tee represents the artists’ unique vision of the country.

Guillén, a first-generation American artist born to Cuban and Salvadoran immigrant parents, designed the Spanish language tee. Her design includes the words “para todos,” which translates to “for everyone” in English. This phrase reflects her belief that the flag symbolizes inclusion for all who wish to call the U.S. home.

“America is for everyone, no matter what,” Guillén said in a statement. “This place is for all of us. That’s from my heart.”

This year’s Flag Tee collection also features nods to five U.S. territories in addition to the 50 states, as well as the new phrase “United States of All.”

The unique lineup includes pieces for women, men, children and pets.

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