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Nike’s new refurbished sneaker program gives new life to old shoes


(NEW YORK) — Nike is rolling out a new sustainability program to cut down on environmental waste from retail manufacturing.

The Nike Refurbished program gives shoppers the opportunity to give new life to previously purchased shoes.

Eligible products include shoes that are in perfect or near-perfect condition, have been gently worn or are cosmetically flawed with no signs of wear with the exception of slight imperfections such as a stain or discoloration.

To participate in Nike’s refurbished program, customers simply return shoes to a Nike store and experts inspect and grade the footwear. From there, each eligible shoe is carefully cleaned and sanitized. Then, the refurbished shoes are returned to stores at a reduced price.

Once refurbished shoes land back on store shelves, there’s also messaging on the boxes to let customers know the exact condition of the shoe. There’s also a QR code available for shoppers who want to learn even more about Nike’s sustainability efforts.

Shoppers still have the option to return their refurbished purchase after 60 days.

The athletic apparel brand’s return program is currently in 15 U.S. Nike stores with plans to expand throughout the year.

In case your returned shoes aren’t a fit for Nike’s refurbished program, you can still donate them, as the brand works closely with a community partner to give away gently worn footwear.

If the shoes are truly at the end of their life cycle, there’s also an option to have the shoes recycled through Nike Grind, which is the company’s global sustainability program that helps transform manufacturing scrap and end-of-life shoes into recycled materials.

Nike said in a statement,” It’s all part of our vision for a circular future — one where the concept of waste no longer exists.”

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