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Eggo tapped a master distiller to concoct a new spin on classic eggnog for the holidays


(NEW YORK) — Eggo has a new product this holiday season that you won’t find in the frozen foods aisle.

Kellogg’s waffle brand collaborated with Sugarlands Distilling Co. to craft a sweet churned cream, rum, cinnamon and nutmeg boozy beverage that they’re calling Eggo Nog Appalachian Sippin’ Cream.

This new “Eggo-inspired eggnog liqueur” is said to pair perfectly with the beloved frozen waffles and gives grown-ups a chance to “L’eggo during the most chaotic time of the year.”

Sugarlands master distiller Greg Eidam told ABC News’ Good Morning America they amped up the recipe for the classic holiday drink to set their product apart.

“We use a rum base for our Eggo Nog, which has a slightly sweeter profile than some traditional boozy eggnogs,” he said. “Our team worked very hard to ensure the taste was reminiscent of classic eggnog, while also complementing the flavors you expect from an Eggo waffle. … Plus, ours pairs naturally with a perfectly toasted Eggo waffle.”

Eidam said the frozen waffles are a household staple for his grandkids as well as himself.

“They’re one of my favorite indulgences after a late night at the distillery,” he said, adding that “collaborating with Eggo to create Eggo Nog was a great deal of fun” — both personally and as a business opportunity for the Tennessee-based distilling company.

According to early tasters, Eidam said the response so far “has been tremendous.”

“We hope parents enjoy the product and find fun ways to incorporate it into their evening ‘me time,’ this holiday season,” he said, with just over 60 days to go until Christmas.

Eggo Nog will be available in select retailers nationwide throughout the holiday season. Consumers can locate a retailer online here.

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