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Dow plunges 482 points amid Ukraine-Russia crisis


(NEW YORK) — Wall Street is jittery as tensions continue to escalate between Russia and Ukraine.

On Tuesday, stocks were down, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average closing 482.57 points lower, a decrease of 1.42%. The S&P 500 and Nasdaq also took a hit, falling 44.11 points and 166.55 points, respectively.

“People are feeling it in their 401(k)s and in their retirement savings,” says ABC News’ Rebecca Jarvis.

But, she notes, consumers are also feeling the impact of the crisis overseas at the pump.

“[P]rices up overnight again, now $3.54 a gallon is the national average — up 20 cents over the last month,” Jarvis says. “And we were already dealing with inflation coming into this — that is why the market has been jittery for some time, and it continues to feel jittery and cautious.”

Ahead of Wednesday’s opening bell, stock futures were up across the board.

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